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EN 13758-2 - Ultraviolet Protection

Garments marked according to EN13758-2 provides UVA + UVB protection from the sun. Sun exposure causes skin damage, the dangerous exposure is reduced by wearing this garment. The garment protects against UV radiation, but note that it is not a guarantee for protection in all conditions. Note that only covered areas are protected and the protection offered by this item may be reduced with use or if stretched or wet. The garment should be cared for according to instructions inside the garment.

Ultraviolet Protection

UPF* range Protection % UV blocking Labeling levels
15 - 24 Bra 93,3 - 95,8% 15,20
25 - 39 Mycket bra 96 - 97,4 % 25,30,35
40 - 50+ Utmärkt 97,5 - 98+% 40,45,50,50+

*UPF - Ultraviolet Protection Factor